Friday, April 9, 2010

Look Who's Back!

Yes!  The prodigal daughter of blogging (and of Blogger/Blogspot) has returned!  Not to say that I don’t miss Wordpress; I kind of do, actually, but this is so much easier for some reason, and so much faster.

Anywho, it feels so good to blog again, and not just doing reviews and tweeting.

Why did I switch?  Various reasons.  Again, Blogger seems faster, snappier, and more streamlined than does Wordpress.  Plus, it comes with way cooler widgets, and I have this freedom to change my blog layout and mess with the header as much as I’d like without paying!  And I also love how I can see who is reading my blog—who my fans are so I can spread the love to them as well. :)

So yes, since I did switch over, that does mean some things will change.  Easter break, unfortunately, is at the cusp of ending, but hopefully even during school I will be able to blog as often as I’d wish.  I probably won’t be doing tons and tons of reviews as I had hoped for in my Wordpress blog, but I kind of like that.  I miss regular blogging, even though I’m still kind of having blogger’s block at the moment, though I think I’m healing from it.

This is basically it: I’m back, I’m still reviewing, I’m also regular blogging (which also means you should tag me for any fun memes!  I miss those a TON), I’ll be messing around with the layout and header every so often, the name most likely won’t be changing, there are a ton of new pages to check out, cool widgets to check out on the right, and a slightly different review format (the final score is based out of fifty points.  For books, ten points come from five categories: enjoyment, originality, writing, characters, plot; for movies: enjoyment, originality, screenwriting, acting, plot; for albums: enjoyment, lasting value, songwriting, instrumentals, vocals).

See y’all around!

With much squees and hellos,

~BB/Jacqueline, the “Nerdette”

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