Want To Be Featured?

Below are links to several forms in order to contact us about being featured on NftN.  Included are ones to be featured on NftN, as well as ones for those who wish to recommend us something that you think we might enjoy or that you would like seen on the blog. For those who wish to be featured, the admin will contact you asap (usually within one to three days). Those who wish to recommend us something may also e-mail us (if you want to recommend something to a specific contributor, e-mail that contributor directly--contact info is listed under "Meet the Nerdettes"). Thank you!

Just a note: some of these look cut off, so if you have trouble, you can simply just e-mail or send us your info (or your rec info) to the address on the sidebar. Also, if you have more than one recommendation, you can fill out the recommendations form multiple times. Again, if you have any troubles, just contact the admin (the e-mail on the side).
  • NftN Contributor Form: in order to be a permanent full-time or part-time contributor, one must fill out this form. WE ARE CURRENTLY ONLY HIRING FULL-TIME CONTRIBUTORS. THIS WILL REQUIRE YOU TO POST AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. (However, once we have enough full-time contributors, you may later option to become a part-time contributor.)
  • Guest Contributor Form: you don't have to a blogger to fill this out--as long as you have a passion for reading and have something to say to the world!)
  • Author Form: for authors who want us to read their book, or maybe be featured on NftN
  • Recommendations Form: for sending us anything you think we should check out and maybe review