Meet the Nerdettes

NftN is a collaboration-based blog written by, well, Nerdettes.  Allow them to introduce themselves to you:

Role: NftN Administrator and Founder
Who I Am: I'm an INFJ SoCal college student majoring in literature and minoring in law.  I'm hoping to attend law school after I graduate--but I still have my author dreams in sight!  Some things I firmly believe in are: historical OTP=Victoria/Albert; Downton Abbey should win all the awards; Jane Austen is NOT the original chick-lit writer, nor does she write chick-lit.
Likes: books, writing, indie music, soundtracks and showtunes, guitar, ukulele, piano, movies, period dramas, fantasy, bread, chocolate, tea, fairytales, animals, British history and culture, Jane Austen
Dislikes: rudeness, untidiness, anything mainstream, bad grammar, people who dislike any of the above
Will Review: speculative fiction (especially high/epic and traditional fantasy), historical fiction, mysteries, the classics; old movies, period dramas/miniseries, witty rom-coms, British films, some animation; indie folk/pop/rock/electronica
Elsewhere on the Net: Find me on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Goodreads.
Contact Info: E-mail regarding the blog as a whole as well as those meant specifically for Jacqueline should be all sent to notesfromthenerdette (at) gmail (dot) com.  If you would like to contact a specific contributor, her e-mail should be listed on her mini bio below.

Role: NftN Full-Time Contributor
Who I Am: I live in the South of the USA, but I am not a "Southern Belle." I am a girl of short stature, but spunk to make up for it! I was attending a small private college for Early Childhood Education until money ran out and then I realized that I didn't even want to be a teacher. After trying a different job that only brought me misery I have arrived at a place where I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my life...but I'm going to make sure that I enjoy something about every day!
Likes: books--specifically Young Adult Fiction, animals, working with my hands, singing, making various desserts, hearing "mmm" noise from people eating the various desserts, Harry Potter, salty snacks, Lush products, fairy tales, mythologies, holidays, and amazing people (of course)
Dislikes: people not acting their age, having plantar fasciitis in both feet, inconsideration, like Jacqueline said: "anything mainstream", incorrect grammar, and my overly picky tastebuds
Will Review: not entirely sure yet--books that I have and the other nerdettes haven't reviewed, movies as Netflix and cable introduces them to me--awesome comes in several genres!
Elsewhere on the Net: Find me on Twitter and
Contact Info: If you would like to contact me specifically, you can reach me at rebecca59145 (at) gmail (dot) com.

More mini bios on other contributors coming soon!