If you would like us to review your book, we would be absolutely honored to do so. Before you contact us, either via the form or through e-mail, please read the following:
  • If you are interested in holding a promotion week on NftN--or a promotion in any form, please contact us first and foremost through the e-mail in the sidebar.  Our admin will read and respond to your e-mail at least within one to three days, and, after planning out what kind of promotion we will be holding for you, will figure out with the other contributors who will be reviewing your book/album/art form.  If you would like a specific contributor to read your book and review it, please contact us using the e-mail in the sidebar and let us know, and we will inform that contributor.  The interest of each contributor can be found in the "Meet the Nerdettes" page, but if you would like further information, either contact a contributor or e-mail the admin about the specific likes/dislikes of the contributors.  Or,  if you prefer, you can send multiple copies to have multiple reviews (and therefore, possibly different views) by our different contributors.
  • We are available for blog tours, guest posts, and interviews. In fact, we would be absolute thrilled to be a part of any--or all!
  • If you are a little lost on our book review system, please click here. If you are confused on how we rate books, contact us on the e-mail in the sidebar.
  • And last but not least, absolutely NONE OF US ARE PAID TO BLOG/REVIEW! We simply blog as a fun hobby and to connect with our readers. :)