Saturday, April 3, 2010

Album Title by Artist Name [Sample Album Review]

How I Listened to the Album: In accordance with FTC laws, I will state how I listened to the album and, if I own it, and whether I am keeping it or not

In Short: This is where I'll put three words to describe my thoughts on the album.

A fancy schmancy intro included with my thoughts.

*1. Song Title Track 1 (songwriter A/songwriter B): each song will be like this; I’ll summarize the song a bit, and say whether I liked it or not. Asterisks denote one of my favorite tracks from the album. Then I’ll score it as follows. Score:#(goes from one through ten)

*2. Song Title Track 2 (songwriter A/songwriter C): so on so forth…

3. Song Title Track 3 (songwriter B/songwriter D): you get the picture, right?

Red Flags: Warnings of material from the music that might offend some (taken from Common Sense Media)

Vocals: Score of the lead vocals (the artist) from one through then
Instrumentals: Score of the instrumentals from one through ten
Songwriting: Score of the songwriting from one through ten
Lasting Value: Score of whether it wears out on you easily or you never get tired of it (ten signifies the latter)
Enjoyment: Score of how much I enjoyed it from one through ten
Overall: Score of what I thought of the album overall based on the above five scores from five through fifty; ten denotes a favorite album of mine

Producer: Producer of the album
Genre: Genre according to Wikipedia and iTunes (the latter is used to categorize it overall on NftN)
Record Label: Album label
Release Date: Original release date in the U.S.
Length: How long the album is

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