Sunday, December 18, 2011

Addiction of the Week 1.1: Wakey!Wakey!

This is a new feature that is a part of the new NftN.  Every week, a contributor will feature one thing that they're currently obsessed with--whether it be an artist, a certain dish, a TV show, whatever!

As I usually do, I was flipping through Pandora (my Internet radio app) and was recommended a spectacular little gem by an indie artist I'd never heard of: Wakey!Wakey!  (The name is obviously completely awesome.)  I haven't looked too much into the artist yet, but I believe it's a band that occasionally gets help from other musicians but relies mostly on one guy, Michael Grubbs, who sings, writes, and plays the piano--basically, it's almost a one-man band.

Pandora had recommended me "Square Peg Round Hole"--take a listen and see if you're hooked.
(To be honest, I have no idea where the cover art is from, but it's not from Wakey!Wakey!  I chose this video because it has the best quality of sound, and that's what matters, right?)

If this song doesn't give you the earworm, check out "Almost Everything" and "Take It Like a Man" (the latter just confirms that this guy is the closest you'll get to a male Regina Spektor--amazing!)

What other Wakey!Wakey! songs do you guys recommend?  Anything you're addicted to this week?

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  1. I am weird. I do not like new music. People try to get me to something that they think I'll love and I struggle away like a kid who doesn't want to leave the playground. The only way that I can listen to new music without completely resenting it is by wedging it in between songs I already love.

    That being said, I really enjoyed "Square Peg Round Hole". I can see myself awkwardly dancing to it in the future!