Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

This is a list of stuff I've done for Bloggiesta (my first year--w00t!)
  • Changed and fixed the design and banner (about three times, I think :P )
  • Changed font colors to match said design and banner
  • Posted The Penderwicks review
  • Updated the Archives page
  • Updated the "What's Next" widget
  • Added the "Pledge to Read the Written Word" widget (see left sidebar, below)
  • Changed colors of my WhosAmungUs widget to match said design and banner
  • Changed colors of my StatCounter to match said design and banner
  • Edited and updated the "Who I Am" page
  • Changed my e-mail for my Ning networks (this counts for blogging! Ya know, networking and all...)
  • Changed ownership/e-mail for all Google Docs, including forms on this blog
  • Actually LOOKED through blog forms (GASP)
  • Changed the About page to "About NftN"
  • Fixed the page widget above, as well as the Directory page
  • Wrote bloggy-related e-mails :)
I was planning on doing so much more, but oh well. I missed the first day...I guess I'll just have to make do with writing more posts during the week. And then I think there is another Bloggiesta in July...yay! So participating in that one, and PROMISING to do so much better.

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