Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blogging Back with a...

But not.

After days of frantic studying and testing, my creative juices have run out! So bear with me here. :P (Yeah, I've become so lackadaisical that I haven't even been blogging until now.)
(BTW, totally cool pic, right? Just Google in "bang", and that's what you get...amid all these Big Bang Theory pictures, of course.)

So! This is my plan for the next few days, provided that all goes well. *crosses fingers*
  • BLOG! I pinky-promise! More specifically about the awesome signing I went to, erm, three months ago that I never talked about, and about a BUNCH of other things, including my writing, feminism, and uh...actually, I'm planning on TWO posts about feminism. Booyah.
  • READ! (Yeah, I'm kind of excited. The title of this post IS about blogging back with a BANG!) Books I so need to finish include: Boston Jane: An Adventure, every single Shannon Hale book I own and haven't read, Magic Under Glass, and Hamlet.
  • WRITE! Because I have my first real fan (fangirl?) now, even though I'm barely getting along with my book. (Said first real fan is KIM! w00t w00t! You go, girl!)
  • WRITE! Reviews, that is. Yes, same schedule as on the left (if you notice, it got slightly changed. I added some stuff. See it?)
  • ENTER CONTESTS! Not that that's an amazing thing, know...
  • WORK ON THIS PROJECT FOR YOU ALL! (Not shouting here. Really.) Yep...I've mentioned it on Twitter like...five times. And trust me--it's pretty darn cool. I'm quite proud of myself. *polishes fingernails*
Aaaannddd....since I know you love my lists (NOT), this is the current buzz with me:

  • I has a webcam! And I had my first video chat on gmail with my good friend Jess. You know, it's SO much better to actually laugh and not just type "lol" or "rofl". So if any of you are on gmail and have a webcam and want to chat sometime, let me know! (P.S. I'll have to ask my parents, but I *might* be able to do actual VIDEOS on here. Schweet or what?)
  • I really, really like Kate Nash songs. Her cleaner songs, that is (and as of now, I only know of two: "Mouthwash" and "Merry Happy". 'em! Just wish she did more clean songs).
  • Even though APs are over, I have one APUSH project (which should actually be fun, considering I get to do what I want to do...gosh, that sounds bratty), one AP Lit project (which I hope to rock out on...hope to, mind), and three AP Psych projects (which sounds like a lot, but one is super short and easy, and they're all quite fun).
  • I LOVE THIS! Watch it. Now. NOW. I'm putting it on my iPod as soon as this up-and-coming artist puts up the single on her blog. ;D (ETA: So I just realized that the whole thing doesn't show up on my blog, which is a bummer. Just click on the video below to see the whole screen--it's totally worth it!--and then watch her other videos as well. :) )


  1. Nice list, and I absolutely loved the Boston Jane books... they were my favorites when I was younger. (: